Known for its ground-breaking use of BLUE LIGHT technology, ORAL-X stands out as a beacon of innovation in the oral care market.

Launched in 2020, the ORAL-X brand became synonymous with advanced oral health care when it introduced the ORAL-X3, hailed as “the breakthrough solution to improve oral health.” Passionately embraced by users worldwide, from North America to Australia, our devices available through Amazon,  and our website, have redefined home-use devices for oral care.

Two years after its initial inception, the ORAL-X3 earned the acclaimed Prestige Award, cementing its reputation for excellence in fostering better oral health. This recognition echoes our continuous commitment to not just meet but exceed expectations in the realm of dental hygiene.

In 2023, we turned a new page in our brand’s story by ushering in the Oral-X Blu - an avant-garde device equipped with 42 Blue light LEDs, making it the most potent over-the-counter oral care device of its type on the market. The science underpinning Oral-X Blu's efficacy can be traced back to the ground-breaking research by Harvard-Forsyth researchers Nikos Soukos and Max Goodson, who discovered that light of a specific wavelength could eradicate harmful bacteria that cause gum inflammation while promoting healthy oral flora.

Our dedication soars beyond the pursuit of oral health excellence; it's rooted in compassionate outreach through our BLU-LITE program. By partnering with foundations, we extend the benefits of our Oral-X devices to the special needs community, ensuring vulnerable individuals have access to superior oral care.

At ORAL-X, we're not just selling a product; we are offering a gateway to the future of oral hygiene—one where advanced technology harmonizes with the quest for better health. Our commitment to research and product development ensures that we stay at the forefront, illuminating the path towards impeccable oral care for all.