Shining Light on Oral' X" Blu- a very bright idea ? YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED

Shining Light on Oral' X" Blu- a very bright idea ? YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED



BLUE Light for Healthier Gums and Brighter Teeth 


  • Bathe your gums and teeth with healing Blue light for just minutes a day 


  • 41 Medical Grade LEDs


The most advanced OTC device of its type available




What is an ORAL-X system?

The Oral-X BLU Care Light Therapy System provides targeted oral light therapy by using blue light to destroy harmful oral bacteria and enhance gum health.


Does oral care light therapy work?

People susceptible to gum disease, bad breath, or tooth infection can benefit significantly from Blue light therapy. At least 16 clinical and scientific studies show that BLUE light kills harmful bacteria.


Why BLUE light?


Blue light targets the strains of bacteria that can lead to gum tissue deterioration, tooth decay, and bad breath. It also can travel easily through enamel - gently breaking up stains even under the surface of your teeth.



How often should I use the ORAL-X?


Daily use of 10-minute sessions is recommended. Studies have shown that exposure to blue light kills bacteria within 15 to 60 seconds, thus promoting gum healing.


What wavelength is the ORAL-X Blue light?


  • The ORAL-X-BLU has 42 medical-grade LEDs with a BLUE light frequency of 480 to 520nm. Science shows that wavelengths of 440nm to 550nm are the most effective for destroying harmful oral bacteria and reducing the causes of bad breath.

Is the BLUE light safe and effective?

Besides being safe to use, blue light technology offers many benefits. For instance, it kills bacteria, decreases tooth sensitivity, and treats and prevents gum disease. Plus, the bonus is fresher breath.


The ORAL-X controller?

The rechargeable controller has a ten-minute timer. The LI battery provides up to 30 treatments of 10-minute duration when fully charged.


Is the science of the BLUE light confirmed?

We continually update our Library of published scientific papers on Oral Health and light therapy. Access at -

 For recent Blogs, go to - 





All the Oral-X brand devices have a 12-month warranty after registration.


I need a copy of the ORAL – X BLU user manual.


Please visit – 


What is the ORAL-X Brand?


 ORAL-X has pioneered the application of BLUE light oral care devices for home use. In 2020, the ORAL-X3 was heralded as "the breakthrough solution to improve oral health." 

 The brand was awarded the coveted 2022/23 PRESTIGE AWARD for ORAL-X's contribution to oral health -




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