Oral-X triumphs over Play Google trademark infringement

Oral-X triumphs over Play Google trademark infringement



In a momentous victory for Brilliant Light Therapy's Light-X division,  emerged triumphant in defending its trademark against Play Google's infringement attempt. Following a cease-and-desist request from Light-X Google took down its Play Google "Oral-X" App on June 5, a clear acknowledgment of the trademark infringement.

 Since 2020, Oral-X has been at the forefront of utilizing LED Blue light technology for at-home oral health improvement. Their groundbreaking devices harness the power of scientifically proven Blue wavelength light to effectively eliminate disease-causing bacteria from teeth and gums. These FDA-registered devices offer a safe and affordable option for individuals seeking home treatment solutions for oral health issues. Building a brand in the global market is a challenging and often costly endeavor. The protection of the trademark and the establishment of the website (www.oral-x.com) have played pivotal roles in raising public awareness about Oral-X's innovative devices. Operating its own Amazon "Brand Store," Oral-X ensures fast and free delivery for customers in the USA. Alternatively, through the dedicated ORAL-X platform (oral-x.com), potential customers can also easily purchase the devices and gain access to an extensive library of international scientific research, as well as published peer-reviewed papers. Furthermore, Oral-X's distribution and listings span major platforms across North America, the UK, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East, demonstrating its commitment to reaching a global audience. Harnessing effective SEO strategies has been instrumental in enhancing Oral-X's brand recognition. By consistently creating and sharing educational content on Blue Light and oral health, Oral-X has secured top search engine results on platforms such as Google, Bing, and more. Independent articles and awards have lauded Oral-X devices for their significant contributions to oral health enhancement.

, The efficacy of Blue light in suppressing oral pathogens was initially uncovered by Harvard-Forsyth researchers Nikos Soukos and Max Goodson. Their groundbreaking research revealed that light of a specific wavelength could eradicate "black-pigmented bacteria," known to cause gum tissue inflammation while promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

ORAL-X was the pioneer in making this technology accessible for home use, offering safe, affordable, and effective therapy for oral gum infections and promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.


Oral-X's dedication to ongoing research and development underscores its commitment to leveraging science-based innovations for oral health improvement. While Oral-X devices serve as valuable additions to oral care routines, it is important to note that they are not substitutes for essential practices like brushing twice daily and regular flossing. For personalized guidance on optimal oral care practices, consulting with a dentist or oral health professional is highly recommended. In conclusion

The recent victory over trademark infringement not only reinforces the integrity of the Oral-X brand but also highlights the importance of protecting intellectual property rights in the competitive marketplace.

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