LED light approved by FDA for Acne - Acne Derm for home use

LED light approved by FDA for Acne - Acne Derm for home use

The significance of the FDA approving LED Blue, Red, and BLUE/RED light for the treatment of mild to moderate acne is a significant event due to the controversy that has surrounded certain prescribed acne oral medications. Also, the worldwide concern over the increasing bacterial resistance to antibacterial medication has made Phototherapy a welcome addition to the tools available for acne treatment. Phototherapy is a safe, proven, non-drug therapy that can be used in the doctor’s office or at home with the newly available devices.

Acne-Derm Dual Led -  


This newly available “Home use” LED device provides:


*Effective treatment in just a few minutes a day

*Visible results in 1 to 3 sessions

*Safe and affordable

*Combine red and blue light therapy in one device

* Convenient size to easily pinpoint breakouts

*Travel-friendly and USB re-chargeable



Michael Hamblin, PhD, an associate professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School an international leader in modern light therapy states:-

 “Instead of trekking to the doctor’s office to have light shined on them, consumers can now shine a light on themselves at home. The light is basically the same, there are few safety issues, and it is a fraction of the cost... And thanks to the recent availability of low-cost, heat-free (and thus safer) light-emitting diodes (LEDs), there are more do-it-yourself gadgets for treating acne, depression, and pain online.”



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