Shining Light on Your Bad Oral Bacteria --  Oral ‘X” Blu is a very Bright Idea

Shining Light on Your Bad Oral Bacteria -- Oral ‘X” Blu is a very Bright Idea


  •   Oral “X” Blu light reaches where your toothbrush can’t.


The accidental discovery by Harvard scientists,  Soukas and Goodson --- that BLUE light destroys harmful oral bacteria has become a major game changer for improving oral health (Reference  )                               

The most destructive and harmful bacteria living in your mouth is known as black-pigmented bacteria( BPB)- it is responsible for causing bad breath but more importantly gum disease or gingivitis. Blue light safely destroys the harmful in seconds 

Almost half of adults over 30 have some kind of gum disease, and gingivitis can lead to a more serious form called periodontitis,

 Brushing and flossing go a long way to ridding your mouth of this destructive bacteria but inevitably some remain. MOUTHWASH can destroy harmful bacteria but often at the same time destroys the good essential bacteria. According to new research, this seemingly beneficial practice may pose a surprising health risk: mouthwash use could increase the risk of diabetes.(Reference British Dental Journal) -


A recent and the largest gingivitis study in Europe has revealed that brushing your teeth regularly doesn’t remove enough of the plaque that can lead to gum disease. The study, soon to be published in an international dental journal shows that eliminating the bacteria contained by dental plaque should be as vital a part of dental hygiene as brushing your teeth and flossing, and adding light therapy is an effective way to do this. 


Gingivitis is a common form of gum disease that causes redness, swelling, and overall irritation of your gingiva, which is the part of your gum around the base of your teeth. When there is an accumulation of plaque, the harmful bacteria can cause an infection.


ORAL-  X- a Division of Light-X has been at the forefront and pioneered the commercial development of this groundbreaking BLUE light discovery.

In 2020 the award-winning ORAL “X” 3 home care device was launched utilizing the healing Blue light –  with 16 –  specially coated medical grade LEDs, and a rechargeable smart controller. The device was heralded in the dental press as: “The breakthrough solution to improve  oral health”

Now for 2024, Oral X is  launching the most advanced available device ---- Oral X Blu with 42 BLUE LEDs and other technical advances. The most powerful OTC device of  its kind on the market today.

ORAL- X- BLU - Oral Care System –

 BLUE Light for Healthier Gums and Whiter Teeth

  • Bathe your gums and teeth with healing Blue light for just minutes a day
  • Brushing alone is not always enough -gum disease starts where your toothbrush can't reach.
  • With 41 Medical Grade LEDs the most powerful OTC device of its type available
  • Helps reduce gums issues such as Bleeding Gums, Sensitive Teeth, and Bad Breath while whitening teeth.
  • A chargeable controller with a timer allows 30 ten-minute sessions.

FDA Registered with a 12-month warranty




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