If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you are not alone teeth sensitivity is the top oral health problem worldwide  ( Sunstar Report) The problem is not just the discomfort of the sensitive teeth, but it can lead to generally poorer oral health as you are less inclined to properly brush your teeth thus leading to periodontal disease.

A benefit of Blue light oral therapy for sensitive teeth is that it reaches areas where your toothbrush cannot and destroys the harmful oral bacteria that the brush missed. ORAL-X devices deliver blue light safely to your gums and teeth. Using the ORAL-X device at home for a few minutes daily becomes part of your oral care program to greatly improve your sensitive teeth , oral and general health.

Oral-X BLU for Sensitive Teeth
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Signs and Symptoms of Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity does  not affect everyone in the same way but there are several common signs and symptoms, including:-

Intense tooth pain when exposed to hot or cold foods or beverages.Pain as you bite or chew.Pain resulting from the use of alcohol-based mouth rinses.Pain when breathing through your mouth, especially chilly air.

The Causes of Sensitive Teeth

 Enamel wear is a leading cause, of sensitive teeth and can result from aggressive brushing, acidic foods, or grinding teeth.

GUM HEALTH and sensitive teeth

Gum recession is another prime culprit os densitive teeth by exposing the tooth’s root, making it susceptible to sensitivity.

Existing gum disease, which it is estimated that over 40 % of the adult population suffers from, contributes to this uncomfortable condition.


Blue light at specific wavelengths attacks and kills oral bacteria responsible for the onset of gum disease thus creating healthy gums. This treatment helps reduce harmful bacteria, increases beneficial bacteria, and maintains a clean and balanced oral environment which reduces the occurrence of sensitive teeth and infections. Because light therapy is a natural, non-invasive remedy, it is no longer necessary to use harsh chemicals or compounds to eliminate the bad bacteria in your mouth and maintain proper dental hygiene.

THE LATEST ORAL-X DEVICE- super power for  at home use

The ORAL-X BLU was launched in January 2024 and with 42 Blue LED beads it is the most powerful OTC device of its type. It is safe, easy to use, affordable, and grounded in proven science.


 Clinicians agree that targeting the bacteria that lead to gum disease and other issues in the mouth with blue light is a viable treatment option, and medical professionals recognize it to kill bacteria and other pathogens thus promoting healthy gums.

Reduces Tooth Sensitivity

The area below your tooth enamel (dentin) is in a constant state of regeneration and can take time to repair itself. The Blue light wavelengths help decrease teeth sensitivity by speeding up this natural repair process.

 Prevents Gum Recession

Otherwise known as "gingivitis", an overgrowth of bad bacteria within the mouth can cause inflammation resulting in red, swollen gum tissue that tends to bleed quite easily. The key to preventing the onset of gum recession is to prevent infections from occurring in the first place. Blue light in the 630 nm to 830 nm range has been proven to kill the oral bacteria that cause gum infections and cavities.

Kills Gum and Tooth Disease-Causing Bacteria

 Blue light at specific wavelengths can also help attack and kill oral bacteria responsible for the onset of gum disease. This combined treatment helps reduce harmful bacteria, increases beneficial bacteria, and maintains a clean and balanced oral environment which reduces the occurrence of infections.

 Freshens Breath

Light therapy is also a great remedy for eliminating bad breath. Blue light promotes fresher breath by killing nasty odor-causing bacteria within the mouth.

WHAT AN ORAL-X USER SAYS about her sensitive teeth

As for the Oral X 3 device, I love it. My smile looks brighter, there's less accumulated dental plaque and for want of a better way of expressing it, my teeth feel stronger. Previously, whenever I ate fruit my teeth would feel ‘electric’ - sometimes for a couple of days - but since I’ve been using your oral device I’ve had no sensitivity at all, which I think is amazing.

Kindest regards,

Susan Smith

Oral-X devices are another tool in the dental care toolbox as an addition — not a replacement — to brushing twice a day and daily flossing.

Oral-X The breakthrough solution to improve oral health

SUNSTAR – Global Health report


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