What is the ORAL-X  BLU  for gum treatment?

What is the ORAL-X BLU for gum treatment?

ORAL-X- is a pioneer in harnessing BLUE LIGHT for home-use oral care devices through the development and marketing of intraoral cleaning systems. These affordable devices eliminate the bacteria causing periodontal diseases including gingivitis, sensitive teeth, receding gums, and bad breath. The BLUE LIGHT reaches areas that the toothbrush cannot and is used for a few minutes each day.

The new Oral-X Blu

The original device, the ORAL-X3 was launched in 2020 and described as . “the breakthrough solution to improve oral health” 

In 2022 the Oral-x3 gained the Prestige Award for its contribution to oral health

Dentisry - Oral-X the breakthough sollution to improve oral health

The Oral-X3 has been available internationally from North America to the Middle East and Europe to Australia. It is distributed through multiple channels including Amazon, Walmart, and its website

In 2023 the original ORAL-X 3 was replaced by the more advanced Oral-X Blu- which with 42 Blue light LEDs it is the most powerful OTC device of its type available today.

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This new technology was first documented by Harvard-Forsyth researchers Nikos Soukos and Max Goodson. They found that light with a particular wavelength eradicated so-called “black-pigmented bacteria” that are responsible for the inflammation of gum tissue. In addition, their study showed that the proportion of other healthy bacteria increased.

“This suggests that it might one day be feasible to use light to restore a healthy bacterial balance in the mouth, “ Soukos told the Harvard Gazette in 2005.

At ORAL-X we are dedicated to the further research and product development of this science-based technology to improve oral health. In addition, we have recognized the advantage of our devices for improving the oral health of our vulnerable special needs population – through our BLU-LITE  program, we partner with various foundations to donate Oral-X devices to those most in need

Nearly half of all adults aged 30 or older have gum disease in one form or another. If ignored gum disease progresses from mild to severe. Gingivitis is the name given to early gum disease, while advanced gum disease is called periodontitis. The progression occurs as plaque and tartar build up over time, increasing the bacteria in your mouth and gum line. While you have a natural ecosystem of bacteria living in your mouth, excessive plaque and tartar harbor harmful bacteria that infect and break down your gums, As periodontal disease progresses, your gums become:




Prone to bleeding

Your gum line also recedes, shrinking away from your teeth. Your teeth become sensitive and possibly loosen as the gums continue to pull away.

Clinicians agree that targeting the bacteria that lead to gum disease and other issues in the mouth with blue light is a viable treatment option, and medical professionals recognize it as a way to kill bacteria and other pathogens.

Oral-X devices are another tool in the dental care toolbox as an addition — not a replacement — to brushing twice a day and daily flossing.


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