Banish Bad Breath-& Gum Disease with Blue Light

Banish Bad Breath-& Gum Disease with Blue Light

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Banish Bad Breath-& Gum Disease with Blue Light


Your morning teeth cleaning routine may be about to change thanks to an accidental discovery by scientists at Harvard Medical School’s Forsyth Institute.

This is an add on for your oral care it does not replace your toothbrush or flossing but it may replace your mouth wash and breath mint. The scientists discovered that the Blue light of a specific frequency they were using in the mouth for pharmaceutical clinical trail was in fact and, unintentionally, destroying a very common harmful bacteria known as BPB (Black pigmented bacteria).

That slippery /fuzzy coating you feel on your teeth when you wake up is Dental Plaque – a sticky biofilm deposit which forms on your teeth overnight. The bacteria, BPB is the cause of that biofilm and causes the initial stages of gum disease (gingivitis) and will contribute to bad breath.

The Blue Light has been scientifically proven to rapidly destroy the harmful BPB and leave the good, helpful, bacteria intact. Light therapy gets to the root cause of bad breath rather than simply masking the odor with mouthwash or breath mints.


THE ORAL “X” 3 Blue Light oral Care System


With the shape like a small mouth guard, the device fits comfortably to accommodate the upper and lower teeth and gums. The device uses cold light LED technology with high intensity blue light between 480-520nm through 16 specially coated optical lenses. The blue light LEDs bathe gums and stimulate deep healing to reduce tooth sensitivity, improve gum health, banish bad breath by killing harmful bacteria

The device is safe, effective, affordable, and convenient for home use a few minutes a day

The Oral “X” 3 is supplied with a rechargeable, cold light, controller which has an exclusive cold light chip to maintain a constant current output voltage, has a timer and battery indicator.  There is a 12-month Warranty and additional mouth trays are available for individual family use with the single controller.

Links to scientific published reviews of this Blue Light therapy can be found at our web site Resource Center

Shipping is always free, and the units are dispatched by the next working day from the US warehouse.

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