BAD BREATH?  Discover blue LED phototherapy.

BAD BREATH? Discover blue LED phototherapy.

Oral-X Blu is the new-generation and most powerful blue light oral care device on the OTC market. 42 medical-grade blue light LEDs,’ Tackle your gum disease, sensitive teeth, or bad breath by bathing your gums and teeth with healing Blue light for just minutes a day. 

·This is scientifically proven and. drug-free therapy can eliminate harmful bacteria in your mouth that your toothbrush and floss cannot reach.


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·         Blue light targets the strains of harmful bacteria —the source of gum disease tooth decay, and bad breath.

·         If you are susceptible to gum disease, bad breath, or tooth infection you will benefit significantly from Blue light therapy.

·         At least 16 clinical and scientific studies show that BLUE light kills the harmful bacteria which lead to gum disease and bad breath

·          Controlling dental plaque ( That sticky stuff on your teeth when you wake up) is vital in preventing oral diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis,(Gum disease), and caries.

·         Studies show that even after brushing and flossing about 35% of the dental plaque remains as it has not been reached by your toothbrush or flossing.

·         Controlling oral plaque is vital in preventing oral diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis,(Gum disease), and caries.

·         Blue light also has the unique ability to travel easily through enamel - gently breaking up stains even under the surface of your teeth.

ORAL-X has been a leader in bringing the healing power of BLUE light for you to use at home with novel LED devices to improve your oral health by treating gum disease, sensitive teeth, and bad breath

Blue Light Powerhouse
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Oral-x 3 launched in 2020 was one of the first reliable and safe blue light home devices to be made available at an affordable price.

Now building on the success of the award-winning Oral-X 3 Light-X launched the Oral-X Blu – the supercharged next-generation, the most powerful blue light oral care device on the OTC market. With forty-two medical grade blue light LEDs’ 

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Using the ORAL-X brand technology Oral-X Blu has a separate controller and mouth tray – ensuring maximum reliability and safety compared to the integral battery/mouth tray type LED whitening accelerator devices. By separating the operating components, the device is not susceptible to failure through moisture, and the mouth tray can be safely and easily cleaned after use.

The ORAL-X-BLU  42 medical-grade LEDs have a BLUE light frequency of 480 to 520nm. Science shows that wavelengths of 440nm to 550nm are the most effective for destroying harmful oral bacteria, eliminating gum disease, and reducing the causes of bad breath.

The rechargeable controller has a ten-minute timer. The LI battery provides up to thirty treatments of 10-minute duration when fully charged.

BLUE light therapy is the subject of over two hundred published, peer-reviewed, scientific papers many of which focus on Blue light therapy and gum disease

We continually update our Library of relevant published scientific papers relating to  Oral Health and light therapy. Access at -

All the Oral-X brand devices have a 12-month warranty after registration.

For a copy of the ORAL – X BLU user manual.

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